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Ultimate Buffalo Breeders and Safaris is located in the popular Thabazimbi Bushveld. 
This area is extensively known as the game Mecca of South Africa due to the outstanding
trophy quality of the game.  This is a Malaria free area and a mere 3 hr drive from
Johannesburg International Airport.
The hunting area consists of various farms which have belonged to the Herholdt Family for
the past 50 years.  From these farms, many Exceptional Trophies have been taken,
namely Kudu bulls exceeding 60” and Buffalo Bulls exceeding 50”.
On the breeding side, Richard believes that the game breeder should
not only concentrate on financial gain, but should attempt to breed only superior animals
of exceptional bloodlines, and this has earned him the reputation of being honest and
sincere in his quest for conservation of wildlife and in his dealings with other game farmers.
The disease-free Buffalo project consists of different blood lines, with the idea that the best
superior Buffalo must be bred, and to achieve this, use must be made of all the available
blood lines, regardless of origin, be it East Africa, Addo or Kruger. In the Kruger Buffalo
there is a very wide genetic diversity, not found in the other two bloodlines. In general their
bosses are larger, the horn drop lower, the tip-to-tip measurement longer and the horns
heavier. In the East African Buffalo the horn spread is often better than the other breeds,
therefore, to breed a superior Buffalo, these qualities should all be combined